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(Tf2 Minimal Hud Created by Pudd)


is a minimalist hud created for myself, I created it from basically scratch with some help for some other huds. Thanks fog for the crosshairs, chippy for the font and ell for the kill notices.

All the Screenshots can be found here, which aren't all included. They are bigger...

For help please read the ReadMe.txt, and for custimiazation read the EditingHud.txt. To download just click the ZIP button.

Download for the hud here.

You can find me at Steam, add me if you need help.

Check out the Thread


Main MenuMain Menu BuffedBuffed Damaged Health and Low AmmoDamaged Health and Low Ammo Damage IndicatorDamage Indicator 6s Scoreboard6s Scoreboard Highlander ScoreboardHighlander Scoreboard